Weekly Assessment w/e Dec 22nd 2013

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Weekly Assessments

I’m a fairly judgemental person. Debating the pro’s and con’s of this is for another time, so meantime just accept that it’s what I do. This includes looking at myself and how I have performed this week. I’m not sure about being my own harshest critic, but I’m pretty sure I’m near the top of the list.

Plus points – started blog, finished reading ‘I Woz’, no major hassles at work, planning my goals for 2014 well underway, Xmas everything in place, still loving the new TV.

Negatives – Only made gym once, ate too much rubbish, spent the whole week feeling tired and general performance was affected throughout because of it.

Neutrals – Weight dropped at start of the week, but went back to the starting point as of this morning. Still OK at 79kg.

Definitely not the most active week I’ve had. Only made the gym once for an upper body workout and I could feel I was out of practise. Only takes a week for the rot to set in.

Medicine ball press ups – managed but no chance of me using the step today

TRX pull ups – managed, happy with those

Landmine Press – Heavy bar wasn’t available so had to make do with the light one and therefore managed easily

DB 3 Point Row – Managed 2 sets with the 20kg but had to drop to 18kg for the last set and even then only managed 10 instead of 12 reps

Standing BD curl – Managed 3 sets but had to drop from 10 kg to 8 kg for all three sets

Dips – 3 sets of 10 as opposed 3 sets of 12 and from was rough by end of each set.

Need to be doing this more often.

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