Christmas – What’s in a name?

Posted: December 25, 2013 in General

Firstly, lets look at the title. Yes, it’s about Christmas, but being an atheist I tend to call it Xmas, that and its less to type. I have no interest in religion having any place at the festive table chez Mid-Life Male. If someone wants to preach in their own home then that’s up to them, but I reserve the right not to have to listen to it in mine.

I saw this post with loads of comments arguing about the merit of ‘Merry Christmas’ v’s ‘Happy Holidays’. To be fair I’d never heard anyone wishing someone ‘Happy Holidays’ at this time of year or possibly just hadn’t noticed. I’ve always just said ‘Merry Xmas’, but wishing someone a good time is fine by me no matter what words are used. After seeing that post I did notice that Tim Cook of Apple used the ‘Happy Holidays’ comment in his recent annual message to Apple employees. I wouldn’t have given it a thought prior to reading the afore-mentioned post. Sheesh, people do get worked up about this sort of thing.

To any poor Christians out there frothing at the mouth at this usurping of tradition I can only say ‘get over it’. Really, is that all you have to worry about? I feel the intention of wishing people well trumps the actual words used every time. I can’t help but think anyone citing ‘tradition’ as a reason to maintain the status quo needs to remember other well established traditions like slavery and burning witches. Just because its something that has been carried out for some time is not a reason to avoid changing it for the better when the better is now available. The word ‘progress’ does spring to mind. It should be embraced not feared.

Celebrating at this time of year predates Christianity by a long way, it’s the winter solstice celebration of the pagans. Carried out for many years prior to the Christians getting involved. They just had the best PR machine – and some would say the biggest sticks. There is no monopoly for a religion on a date. Celebrate what you like but cut the rest of us some slack too. I just enjoy the time with my family and relaxing without worrying about what anyone else is saying. I suggest everyone else does the same.

Merry Xmas.

  1. Doobster418 says:

    Hey, thanks for the pingback. I agree, what’s in a name. No matter what someone wishes you, be it “Happy Holidays,” “Season’s Greetings,” or “Merry Christmas,” just say thank you. No need to get your panties all in a bunch because someone said something nice to you but didn’t use your words of choice. As you said, “get over it!”

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