Happy New Year

Posted: January 1, 2014 in General

2014 is upon us. Our New Year celebrations are fairly calm by Glaswegian standards. The typical Glasgow New Year involves drinking a small distillery’s worth of alcohol and eating until one can eat no more. Steak pie being the traditional meal. Fitness isn’t really the main aim of the masses. In my younger days this would have suited me fine, these days however I go for a slightly less indulgent time.

New Year’s Eve (or Hogmanay as it is called here) saw us manage to escape work a little earlier than usual and have time to go to the gym, which much to my surprise was fairly busy. It was the turn of the lower body workout and possibly just the slightly festive spirit but I managed to get through it pretty easy as did the fair one.

Once back home we settled down to watch a DVD with a bottle of sparkling wine. Not exactly ‘living it up’ but a pleasant way to spend the evening. As long as we avoid the standard TV programs for the time of year.

Up this morning and seeing as the gym was open we started off the New Year there. It was unsurprisingly very quiet. Post workout we lounged in the jacuzzi – all very civilised. I did have to admire the Personal Trainer who was waiting by the entrance of the gym to get new clients who had decided to start their resolutions with a health kick and join a gym. I suspect he was in for a quiet day, but 10/10 for optimism.

A late family lunch (or was it an early dinner?) and we have eaten too much, but not as excessive as some have been in the past.

Tomorrow the resolutions kick in and its on with the plan for self-development and improvement. I’m optimistic about 2014. I hope everyone else is too.

Happy New Year!

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