Weekly Assessment w/e Jan 5th 2014

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Weekly Assessments

First week of the year. A mixture of indulgences and resolutions to do better.

Plus points – Made the gym six times this week, which is pretty good for the time of year, if anything possibly once too many. In fact I was in there on New Year’s Day, felt very industrious for that if also somewhat dull! Finished the first book of the year, Counterknowledge. Review posted here. Overall diet hasn’t been too clever. Way too many indulgences over New Year. Back to the plan now. I’ve been sleeping better too which has given me more energy.

Negatives –  I ate how much??? Weight almost hit 81kg at one point. 79.7kg at the end of the week. Thos extra couple of kilos really get felt when doing dips!

Neutrals – Work a bit bland mainly due to the festive season. Just about done with the introspection that New Years Resolutions bring. Enough thinking, time to start delivering.

Gym wise I managed three upper body workouts and three lower body. Definitely felt it the day after each. Getting back into the swing of things and my mood is more positive as a result.

High point had to be managing 120 kg on the dead-lift (my highest yet) without struggling too much and felt technique was still OK. Got an appointment made with the trainer for Friday and I’ll be going into that feeling a bit more positive than I usually am at this time of year.

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