Blogging etiquette – Followers, likes and time wasting

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Blogging, General

I guess there are many different reasons why people blog. But a significant one has to be ‘I want others to read my output’ – otherwise we’d just keep a notebook instead. Gaining followers and getting posts ‘liked’ isn’t the be all and end all, but I have to admit I was quite pleased when I got my first ‘like’ and my first ‘follower’.

However it’s when I look a bit closer at who these people are I start to question whether they have genuine interest in anything I might write or not:

storiesformuslimkids is now following Avoiding the Crisis – by the Mid-Life Male

Vincent Egoro liked your post on Avoiding the Crisis – by the Mid-Life Male

The post referred to was my last one featuring an image saying being fat wasn’t genetic – its down to being lazy. Yes, there was humour but it wasn’t exactly inspiring to the religious.

Neither of the above blogs have any interest in what I write, they ‘follow’ or ‘like’ me in the hope I’ll visit their site and do the right thing. You ‘followed’ me, so I’ll ‘follow’ you. Well, bollocks to that. If your site is about pushing religious rubbish served with a large dollop of morality then it doesn’t matter how often you ‘follow’ me or ‘like’ my posts I’m going to have nothing to do with promoting your site. “But Mr Male,” you may say, “by even mentioning these sites you are in fact promoting them, you have succumbed to their devious underhand marketing. You have fallen for their technique – you’re a sucker!” Up to a point I’d have to agree. But my defence will be examining these two sites and offering a critique of them (which bearing in mind how much they like me already, they will no doubt consider invaluable) will let me redress the balance a little. And after I’ve dealt with these two I won’t bother to mention any others. So onto exhibit A…

Storiesformuslimkids – Well, you have to hand it to them they don’t exactly try to hide what they are about. The title does tell the whole story. They have 1515 followers (as of now anyway – and I’m definitely not one of them). Simply put this is a site focussing on the nicer side of being a Muslim. Don’t judge others, be considerate etc. But mostly its down to ensuring the youth of today follow blindly the religious doctrine of the previous centuries. The site has bright colours, jokes (none of which are funny) and favourite religious quotes. I think my least favourite part was the motivational offering entitled ‘Dear Sister’ which depicts a girl being told how ‘we’ appreciate the difficulties of wearing a hijab and why we are so proud of her choice to do this and why its good and how Allah is proud of you and you’ll get your reward in the afterlife etc etc. Just cheap manipulation, nothing about why you have to wear it and why only women have to cover up etc. I searched for the Dear Brother equivalent where he can wear whatever he wants but couldn’t find it, wonder why. Pat on the back from your betters and don’t ask any questions. That’s a good girl. Perpetuate the myth that sexism is a good thing, move along nothing else to see. It’s just doctrine, nothing else and with no value to any one capable of thinking for themselves. Don’t waste your time on this site.

Vincent Egoro. Vincent hails from Nigeria and is offering the benefit of his wisdom in such key areas as Personal development, relationships and Motivation through Christ. A quick perusal of his site tells me Vincent is a pretty serious guy. He just loves offering advice and has a handy biblical reference or quote for any situation. If you were ever at a party Vincent is the last guy in the world you’d want to end up being stuck with. He advises us to count our blessings (sorry, I’d rather watch Fast & Furious 6 if you don’t mind), how we should make Xmas a habit (Sorry Vincent, that much turkey any more often than once a year would kill my waistline) and how we shouldn’t worry about anything as God will take care of it. I have to suggest to Vincent that when the roof needs repaired or the credit card bill arrives then God is somewhat MIA and instead its back to how the Lord helps those that help themselves. I’m sure Vincent means well, but having checked out his blog once its never going to get another look from me.

So no ‘likes’ and no ‘follows’ from me unless I actually like what you write and would be interested in reading your other opinions. If all you are trying to do is boost your own traffic by ‘liking’ something I have written in the hope that I will do the same for you, don’t bother – I won’t. Lets just agree to finish with, if you don’t waste my time I won’t waste yours.

Oh and one last thing, what I would give for a ‘dislike’ feature, that would be way more fun.

  1. Doobster418 says:

    You nailed it! I get likes from the certain people almost the instant I push publish. Who are these people? There can’t have been time for the person who “liked” my post to have even read it. Yet they “like” it.

    And some of my followers write their posts in a language I can’t understand. I’m not talking about symbolism, I’m talking about the literal language…the foreign language. In fact, some of my followers write their posts using an alphabet, if that’s what you call it, that is totally indecipherable to me. When I go to their blogs, I can’t read a friggin’ thing.

    Why would I like something or follow someone when I have no clue what they’re writing? And why in the world would they like my post or follow my blog?

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