Monthly assessment January 2014

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Weekly Assessments

One month in to 2014, lets take stock.

Looking at my goals for 2014:


  • Weight to be under 79 kg at end of year – Today is 78.1 so pretty good
  • Be able to do a proper pull up – Done January 2014. Now doing 5 sets of 5!
  • Train at least 3 times per week minimum – In progress but managing this comfortably


  • Develop a more positive attitude – So far so good. Hard to quantify, but in general I’m pretty happy about where I am just now and how the year  has gone so far.
  • Read one business/non-fiction book per month – Work in progress.
  • 3 Blog posts per week minimum – Managed so far.


  • Dine out once per month – Work in progress but managed this for January.
  • Find at least two online communities to join and participate in – I’ve signed up to one, not sure if its a ‘keeper’ lets see how I get on.
  • Find at least 3 new bands to listen to – Found General Fiasco, but only one song I really like.


  • Reduce alcohol intake to no more than one night during the week and at weekends – Not quite there yet, but not drinking that much either when I do.
  • Sleep better – surprisingly well on this one. Not sure exactly why, but having a more positive mindset certainly helps.
  • Aim for 150g protein per day and decrease carbs – Work in progress. Struggling with the 150g of protein per day though, I’m closer to 120g.


  • Get a tattoo (!) – Not even looked yet. Still being cowardly!
  • Redo computer room /home office – Got an idea of what we want to do, just saving up the money just now.

The big thing has been attitude. Going to the gym even when I haven’t always felt like it. I’ve never regretted it afterwards, but sometimes it does require more effort than others. I read an article where it pointed out that discipline was better than motivation as motivation is a variable, whereas discipline isn’t. That has resonated with me and it times I’ve had to remind myself why I should go to the gym, rather than just whether I want to or not.

I have also found I’ve been taking even greater interest in what I can do to improve my performance in all areas of live. I believe the current term is life-hacking. I’ve spent a chunk of time researching on Twitter, looking for people with the kind of mindset I can borrow from. More on that some other time.

I think as New Years go this is the one where I have been most structured/organised and therefore the results have been better.

Overall grading – A minus.

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