Weekly assessment w/e 2nd February 2014

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Weekly Assessments

Continuing in form from the previous weeks.


  • Made the gym five times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Work has been more demanding this week but I still made the gym at the same frequency. Sometimes I just forced myself to go. Discipline over motivation.
  • Weight staying steady and still under 79kg.
  • Spent some time on Twitter this week looking for new sources of inspiration. Discovered Effortlessgent, subscribed to Seth Godin (how had I forgotten him?), Craig Jarrow (Time Management Ninja – what a name!) and Chris Guillebeau. Godin and Jarrow are excellent, the other two are too early to tell.
  • Still focusing on a positive mood.
  • Now level 10 at Fitocracy.
  • Watched Whitehouse Down and loved it.
  • Experimenting with a Reward based credit card – let’s see how that goes. It’s a while since I’ve done anything new with money related matters.
  • Cleared out the loft of junk. Still struggling to comprehend how we amassed so much of it in the first place.
  • Won the lottery!


  • Work still too quiet on the sales front, no shortage of stuff for me to do. But it’s not as busy as we should be.
  • Haven’t slept quite so well this week, not sure why.


  • The fair one’s cold has been awful all week. Three days off work and she hasn’t made the gym.
  • Current book is proving to be a grind. Perseverance required.
  • The lottery win amounted to £5.10.

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