Weekly Assessment w/e 16th February 2014

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Weekly Assessments

I missed last week’s update as things at work have been busy resulting in too much away time.


  • Valentine’s night postponed to the Saturday and enjoyed it with a nice meal and a bottle of wine – domestic bliss!
  • While away at work and being stuck in hotels at night I went out and treated the Fair One and I to a new top each. Indulgent but nice.
  • Mood staying positive. In fact my 48th birthday is due soon and I feel quite comfortable gaining a year as opposed to dreading it.
  • Now level 12 at Fitocracy.
  • Sleeping better again.
  • Trainer showed me how to massage my right arm which has some scar tissue in the muscle.  So I’ve been rolling around on a hockey ball to improve it.


  • Still reading the same book, but only dipping into it, despite the subject matter being interesting.
  • Weight staying reasonably steady at 79kg.


  • Was away for three days this week due to work and with a load of driving it limited me to only making the gym twice
  • Diet hasn’t been great due to being away.
  • Muscle tear in my right arm been limiting my workouts too

Not away next week so need to get back to the gym and improve the diet too.

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