It’s Official – I can dead lift a panda

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Fitness, Humour

I came across this picture on the Fitocracy website and it amused me. Base your lifting on what size of bear you can lift (well why not?)…

tumblr_mui8wgHDF31qf1avqo1_500Bring forth the 250 lb panda and I’ll show you who’s boss. In fact I reckon I could probably dead lift a Sloth bear on a good day (managed 140 kg this week, so that sounds about right).

But, damn, it’s a longggg way to Grizzly from where I am. That’s almost three times my bodyweight – not sure we will ever get that one. However, everyone loves pandas so its good to know I can lift one when the opportunity arises – and of course that it stays still long enough.


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