Holiday Booked – Mexico!

Posted: March 2, 2014 in General, Musings

One thing that always helps me is having something good to look forward to. It lifts my spirits and gives me something to aim for. One of the best for me is booking the annual holiday and commencing the countdown to have everything in place for when it comes round. This weekend the Fair One managed to find a good deal for the Excellence in Cancun, Mexico. We’ve booked it and the count down commences, yesterday was exactly 26 weeks to go.

Excellence-CancunHow good does that look? So come the end of August we are off for two weeks in the sun, with lots of different restaurants to choose from and lots of cocktails too. And also one key requirement – it must have a gym.

Excellence-gymOK, so its hard to tell exactly everything they have, but they will have enough to get me a workout. I suspect a TRX set up won’t be there but I’ll find enough.


So what’s so special about booking a holiday? Aside from planning it the following all goals suddenly appear:

  • I want to look good while on the beach, that means the desire to have a ;beach body’ kicks in, my training and diet both take a boost.
  • My mood improves. If something isn’t going so well just now, having something to look forward to reminds me that whatever the current problem is its only temporary.
  • The prospect of two weeks of good weather cheers me up when looking out at the rain at home. (Definition of summer in Glasgow is the rain isn’t so cold as it is in winter)
  • We take the opportunity to improve our wardrobes. So a few clothing treats in store for us.
  • My fitness journey started with some holiday photos, it’s a great motivator to see how far I’ve come since then.
  • Its two weeks away from all the hassle and drudgery of the normal existence to just chill out and cherish each other’s company in an idyllic setting. How can that not be special!

Our moods both really picked up once we booked the holiday yesterday – and there was no way we weren’t making the gym today. See what I mean, it’s started already!

Only 25 and a bit weeks to go…


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