When does mid-life start? I’m really not sure. I reckon its round about the time you decide going home rather than going to a club is the best way forward. You know you’re there when  staying in on a Saturday night is no longer the definition of a social pariah but actually sounds a pretty attractive option. Hell, you look forward to not having to go out on a Saturday night. You struggle to find any current music you like. And as for modern fashion, what are they thinking? Paying all that money for jeans with holes in them – where’s the sense in that? You dress it up by convincing yourself you’ve just moved on, priorities have changed. Sure, that may be true, but you’ve matured. Or as the young ‘uns say – got old. But… but… you don’t actually feel old. That’s mid-life to me. The bit between  young and care free and being old. It happens to different people at different times, but once you’re there you want to prolong it as much as possible. It’s not like turning the clock back is an option. You won’t ever be young again and who wants to admit to being old? Older can be lived with, old – not so much.

Then we have the mid-life crisis to deal with. That’s the bit where someone suddenly realises they are mid-life and struggles to admit it to themselves. They want to pretend they are still a trendy young thing despite the insurmountable evidence against it. They look to fool others and in the process fool themselves. Buy a Harley, go to night clubs and wear trousers way too tight whilst convincing themselves it’s down to being big-boned. The chicks really dig a mature guy anyway. Conveniently forgetting what they thought of this type of individual back in the day when they were young, looking at someone the same age as their father trying to get down with the kids.

I see mid-life as the chance to prepare myself as best possible for the next years. My limitations in the future will be determined by what I do now. Be they physical, mental, social, financial or anything else that ends in -al. Better choices will mean better quality of life. I want to enjoy the next years, not endure them. When I am finally old (and I mean really old!) I want to look back on achievements, not missed opportunities. So let’s avoid the crisis and focus on the good things and how to get them.

So this blog will be about me and the journey through the next few years. An outporing of thoughts and random musings as well as some structure to my determination to go through life achieving happiness in what I have managed and comfort with what I haven’t. I’m not a religious guy, I believe we each get one shot at life and we should aim to be sitting back in our dotage happy at what we have done with it. There are no rules other than what we do should make us happy and where possible not at the expense of others.

Who am I? The Mid Life Male was born in February 1966 in Glasgow in the West of Scotland. I’m a manager of about 20 staff working for a medium-sized national company. I live with my partner of 20 years (yeah, we’ll get married one day…), two grown up offspring (1 with us, 1 moved out) and two cats. Overall a fairly standard existence. We work harder than we’d like to, have less money than we’d like to but remain very happy together. Of all the things I have and have done the one thing I am most proud of was getting together with ‘the fair one’. Our relationship brings me more pleasure than anything else I can ever imagine and my goals for the future are about ‘us’ and not ‘me’. I’m pretty smug about that.

Interests include going to the gym, meals out, reading, trying to age slowly while having fun along he way and I suppose I can now add writing a blog.


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