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When I first started going to the gym I used to wear baggy old clothes that I could hide in. I’d tell myself it didn’t matter what I wore it was about what I did, that’s what was important.  It’s hard to argue with that statement, but here’s the thing, I didn’t perform very well. I didn’t feel good about myself and my confidence was rock bottom. Once I managed to learn a bit about what I was doing and I started to see improvements in my shape, my mindset about what I wore changed completely. I got rid of the old baggy jogging bottoms and T-shirts and bought some proper gym gear. It fitted better and I felt better in it, I felt more confident and as a result I performed even better.

Today I found another improvement. My current gym gear was getting pretty old and faded and I decided to get some new stuff. I’ve dropped a size. I’m now a medium – upper body and waist. Two and a half years ago I was an X-Large and I remember how delighted I was to get to being a large. I’d never really expected to get to medium. It wasn’t an intention or a goal, but it just seems to have happened. Naturally, I’m delighted. This is what I bought:

  Reebok top Adidas running top

My first ever sleeveless gym top and a standard sleeved one, although both are fairly fitted.

I’m a firm believer in feeling positive improves performance. As I’ve got older appearance has mattered more to me, and just as much at the gym as anywhere else. So feeling good about myself brings confidence, this my improves performance. It doesn’t substitute for performance. I’ve seen plenty of people at the gym in trendy clothing that do very little in the way of exercise – that’s not what I’m talking about. Instead, when I feel good about myself I’m more inclined to be able to squeeze out that last rep when my arms are burning and I’m feeling exhausted. Confidence helps me do more, and by doing more I feel more confident  – it’s a win-win situation if you can get the mindset right.

I’ve never worn a sleeveless gym top before. Never had the courage. I’ve always been too old, not buff enough, too much something, not enough something else. Well at 48 years of age I’m going to give it a go. I’m slightly surprised at myself for being this confident. Two years ago this would simply never have happened and would have never even been considered. Anyone suggesting it to me would have got a flat refusal. But yet here I am… I’ve toned up enough in the last couple of years to be able to wear this and while I’ll feel a bit strange (at first anyway) I won’t feel silly or laughable. Is buying a sleeveless gym top the onset of the mid-life crisis? I don’t think so, but if it is at least its cheaper than a Harley.

On the practical side I also find wearing the proper gear means I sweat less, and there are no two ways about it, I just don’t look that great when bright red of face with sweat pouring off me. Anything that improves that has got to be good – for everyone. So I’m guilty of a bit of gym wear vanity. I can live with that, if it helps my performance and I feel better in it then it sounds like a good investment to me. I dare say some people would disagree and if that works fine for them then I have no desire to try to change their minds. But as this blog is about me, its my opinions I’ll be focussing on.

I can’t say it’s as simple as new clothes automatically equals better performance, but I can say new clothes gives me a little more confidence and that boosts my performance. It’s also a chance to try something slightly new – and that’s always worthwhile. Sleeveless tops, whatever next…?