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The BBC have just published this article on their website.


If I was to consider one food to be my downfall in the recent years it would be pizza. I love pizza. I could eat pizza morning, noon and night. The problem between pizza and I is a simple one. It tastes great but piles on flab like nothing else I can think of. At my heaviest I was eating a pizza for dinner twice a week. This wasn’t a result of eating out but instead just a standard supermarket type pizza – all to myself.

The BBC tracked down a health expert who told them: “The problem is not the pizza, it is pizza abuse. It is a highly calorific food.”

This was the part I hadn’t realised at the time. If you look at a supermarket pizza box then it will say something like how the pizza is about 600 calories. The small print tells you that it’s for a half or third serving, so if you are eating the whole thing (like I was) that’s suddenly 1200-1800 calories in one meal. I’ve seen restaurant pizzas with a calorie rating of over 2400. At my heaviest I was a pizza abuser. What a bizarre, but accurate description. I’ve never contemplated pizza abuse before.


16% of white non-Hispanic US males are eating pizza every day – and then the waist line of the average US male is getting bigger. Perhaps the keen-eyed might be inclined to draw a comparison between the two points. But I’m sure the pizza companies would be even more keen to indicate that it could be any number of other factors and obfuscate as much of the truth as they possibly could.


“It has refined flour, no wholemeal, and we now know that an excess of this ingredient contributes to obesity, increases cholesterol and, with time, has a tendency to raise the sugar levels in the blood.”

No, there couldn’t possibly be a link between obesity and eating pizza – what was I thinking of?


“The latest research on body biorythm and circadian rhythm suggests that eating food high in carbs and saturated fat at night leads to an increase in body fat,” Hmmm I was eating it twice a week – for dinner. Nah, there still can’t be a link, must be coincidence.


I stopped eating pizza twice a week. Now it’s a once a month treat (and we share one between 2). It was one of the single biggest changes in my diet and since then I’ve reduced my bodyweight by 20%.

I smiled at the last line – “If you want to eat pizza, do it with caution and moderation.” A health warning on pizza? There is no doubt in my mind there should be one. “Eating this will make you fat!” That should do the trick, but I can’t imagine it being well received by the food marketing companies.


I still really enjoy pizza when I have it. But I now have to balance such a treat against a lifestyle that includes trying to do pull ups. That means limitation. To me that’s the crux: I can have my diet limit me (more pizza!) or I can limit my diet (greater physical performance). That’s the individual’s choice, but trying to have plenty of both just isn’t going to happen. No matter what the marketers tell you is possible.

Kate Moss famously said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I ‘d be happier with ‘Nothing tastes as good as fitness feels,’ so step away from the pizza (most of the time).



Overall another good week.


  • Made gym five times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Especially pleased with Wednesday as I was away from home due to work, but still managed to squeeze in a workout.
  • Weight staying steady and still under 79kg.
  • Sleeping well and awaking refreshed – not to be underestimated.
  • Bought some new bedding and not only does it look good it feels good too. The cats have already tested this particular aspect and have given a thumbs/paws up.
  • Spent a lot of time clearing up my music on my PC and sorting it out into folders, not exactly exciting but it was long overdue.
  • Mood remains pretty positive
  • Have started logging workouts at Fitocracy – I’ve even levelled up!


  • Work could do with being busier. Plenty to do but could do with with the sales being higher than current.
  • Current book is taking longer to read than I had expected.


  • The fair one has developed a stinking cold and is suffering a bit as a result.